Why do printing die cutting machine explodes the line?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-06
Printing die cutting tools and cutting blasting line solution and the reason of the
die cutting blasting line when punching products or folding products, breakdown products in the gaps.
this is mold to common problems, especially in dry weather. Should be analyzed according to particular case:
1, the paper brittle with low water content, especially at high temperature of polishing paper, and a * * * in the process of die cutting line. At this point, in the paper wet before die cutting. Using hydraulic machine add water to the back of the paper, in order to increase its water content.
and then on the die cutting machine. If the die cutting is a critical line, can use water to wipe crease line to reduce blasting condition.
2, the surface of printed matter has a large area of pure color area, such as blue or black. After die cutting, color. In the process of printing, not to the dark ink to add or reduce ink additives, and use high-speed water-based printing slotting die-cutting machine to enhance the ink on paper adhesion and reducing the explosion phenomenon and the 020 - color 2.
3, when the paper ( Board) The thickness is too big, it is easy to produce. At this time, choose to die cutting steel wire height should be reasonable.
4, good paper, paper with the line should be fine.
5, when the die cutting machine pressure is too high, should reduce the pipeline, and separated the waste edge only.
6, indentation moulds or bottom paper is too thick, indentation narrower, line for * * *. Should use appropriate indentation on the thickness of the mold, the width of the indentation should be moderate.
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