What types automatic die cutting machine?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-08

automatic die-cutting machine is to send the paper by paper will paper to gauge and side before the rules specified location, and then the tooth row to send paper to die cutting mechanism of secondary positioning die-cutting, die-cutting, tooth row to send paper to go to waste, to waste, paper receiving part to enter, to complete the die cutting operation.

the technology level of automatic die cutting machine in our country has greatly improved, mainly displays in: advanced enterprise equipment die cutting speed index reached 12000 / hour. Die cutting accuracy has reached / - 0. 1 to 0. 2 mm, most enterprises are usually equipped with automatic die cutting machine to waste device, other companies can produce holographic bronzing die-cutting machine, some companies can produce automatic die cutting of corrugated paper die cutting machine. These devices most of parts made from steel structure wall plate, the basis of fully ensure for machining precision and rigidity of center. You want to learn more automatic die cutting machine? Ji string below small make up will introduce the type of automatic die-cutting machine, safe operating procedures, nine big advantages, indentation processing method of common faults and its solutions, failure prevention and maintenance methods. Let's take a look at!

the automatic die cutting machine type
1. Die cutting machine
the current widely used, can be used for all kinds of die cutting, can also be used for artificial intelligence and intelligent die cutting machine. The die cutting range is relatively wide, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, glue can die cutting rubber and metal plate.
2。 Rotary die cutting machine
the characteristics of the circular die cutting machine is line contact pressure is relatively small, the production efficiency is relatively high, is the highest of all kinds of die cutting machine. The die cutting methods generally fall into two kinds of hard cutting method and soft cutting method. Hard cutting is in hard contact pressure roller surface, and die cutting machine more easily. Cutting method is on the roller covering a layer of engineering plastics, such not only can maintain cutting quantity, can also report to the cutting tool, but also needs regular replacement material.
3。 Intermittent rotary machine
as the progress of The Times and the increasingly fierce competition, the market demand is very big, but there is no automatic die cutting function to satisfy this requirement. Automatic die cutting machine manufacturer is eager to expand the market, began to develop high efficiency and energy saving of die cutting machine. Build hong machinery by Japan and Germany's high-tech research and intermittent rotating machinery, fully meet the market demand. Up to 12000 / car, equipped with servo ink system, precise ink, overprint man-machine dialogue can be performed. It also has an advanced automatic paper feeding system, continuous tracking and paper. The uv dryer is used to change the power automatically, in order to achieve low temperature keep paper unchanged and completely dry ink effects.
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