What should we do with two-seater indentation die cutting machine?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-03

the precision of the die cutting machine is the most important measure of die cutting quality, is the important guarantee of qualified products. Die-cutting precision often cannot meet the design requirements. There are many factors which can affect the die-cutting precision. Let us know the detailed reasons and solutions.

two-seater die-cutting machine indentation processing
1. Die cutting machine before and after positioning rack positioning distance is relatively small. Due to the chain itself has certain error, if positioning distance is too small, cannot eliminate chain when positioning error, before and after die cutting precision.
before the solution is to adjust the locate adjusting screw or after positioning pendulum swing plane frame of some CAM position, before and after positioning frame can move tooth row 2 3 mm
2. Die cutting machine diao paper teeth pressure is too small or uneven. Diao paper teeth activities, for example, the elasticity of the tooth due to long-term use, lead to a paper in the process of transfer slip or fall off, which directly affect the die-cutting precision; Diao paper teeth between uneven pressure may cause the paper in the process of die cutting skewed.
solution is to replace the tooth of the event, a fixed tooth on the level height should be consistent. Otherwise, a paper when paper may collide or after a paper wrinkle, die-cutting precision.
3。 Die cutting wear and elongation of main transmission chain will directly affect the positioning precision of the die cutting before. Intermittent mechanism of wear, lead to stop or start the tooth row of jitter, which may effect the precision of die cutting.
the solution is to replace the chain. Intermittent mechanism should be an overhaul.
4。 Deformation in the process of die cutting machine operation, cardboard or stretch, lead to inaccurate overprint ', which may effect the precision of die cutting.
the solution is to choose the appropriate paper, in order to reduce the influence of material defect on the die cutting accuracy.
5。 Die cutting machine on the template or templates location is not correct. Machine use for a long time can cause die cutting board or die cutting positioning block wear on the floor, fit clearance will reduce the die cutting precision. Lateral positioning plate abrasion is an important factor which causes the lateral positioning inaccurate. Due to the amount of mobile positioning is not enough to compensate for wear, so the side positioning accuracy will be reduced.
the solution is to replace the locating piece. Replace the lateral positioning plate.
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