What is the distinguishing feature of semi automatic die cutting machine?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-07

from the most primitive die-cutting machine model to the present semi-automatic die-cutting machine, technology is very mature. The machine adopts flat pressure principle, the structure is compact, safe and reliable, beautiful appearance generous. The main factors influencing the efficiency of semi-automatic die-cutting machine:
1. Paper cutting speed: fully automatic paper flattening die cutting machine cutting speed is very fast, die-cutting machine a few times faster than before. Paper cutting speed is the guarantee of the die-cutting machine efficiency.
2。 Size and height of transport paper: with the development of the design process, automatic flattening die cutting machine paper conveying size and height of the constantly improve, make the die cutting can produce more different types of paper products.
3。 Paper: traditional way of feed used conveyor belt, the new pen all adopt the automatic suction technology, can realize fast accurate paper absorption characteristics.

semi-automatic die-cutting machine features include:
1, the operator on the template of paper assignments, high safety coefficient, 100% eliminate operation personnel safety hidden danger.
2。 Move up and down machine using the crank connecting rod mechanism driven by the template. Template face imported gantry milling machine, up and down the die cutting precision is improved, reduced the die cutting, load, which reduces the die-cutting, impact, prolong the service life and reduce the noise.
3。 Unlimited typesetting convenient, save time, greatly improve production efficiency.

semi-automatic die-cutting machine is the key to the printing and packaging products postpress equipment. Its outstanding performance is: high efficiency, safety, high quality. At the same time, it is also the packaging and printing business, platen die cutting indentation machine ( Tiger die cutting machine) Update products. The wide application of this equipment and broad market prospect has attracted many enterprises enter to die cutting machine manufacturing team. At the same time, many foreign companies to introduce the advanced r&d technology, makes semi-automatic die-cutting machine in our country has formed a series of complete product varieties, and reached a higher level of technology.
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