What causes the precision of the die-cutting machine down?

by:Dalilu     2020-09-30
Many friends in the use of die cutting machine, found that sometimes the phenomenon of a drop in accuracy, so what is the cause of this phenomenon? How should we solve this problem? For everyone to look at the below small make up.
the reason analysis to the decline in the precision of the die-cutting machine
one, the upper die cutting plate or lower die cutting plate positioning is not allowed. Machine used for a long time can cause die cutting space or die cutting positioning block wear on the floor, so that the fit clearance is too large and results in the decrease of die cutting precision. A locating piece should be replaced at this time. Lateral positioning plate wear is caused by lateral positioning are not allowed to be one of the important factors. Due to changing the quantity is not enough to compensate for wear good, so will cause the lateral positioning accuracy. At this point a lateral positioning plate should be replaced.
2, before and after positioning positioning distance is too small. Because the length of the chain itself has certain error, if positioning distance is too small, in the before and after can't eliminate the chain when positioning error, which may effect the precision of die cutting. At this time should be adjusted before positioning pendulum frame of adjust the screw or after positioning the CAM position, before and after positioning frame can dial the tooth row 2 mm ~ 3 mm distance is advisable.

3, diao paper teeth pressure is too small, or uneven. If diao paper the activities of the tooth tooth elastic smaller, due to long-term use can cause paper slip or fall off in the transfer process, which directly affect the die-cutting precision; Diao paper teeth between uneven pressure may cause the skew in the process of paper in die cutting. Activity of teeth should be changed at this time. In addition, fixed teeth on the level height should be consistent, otherwise it is also possible in diao paper produced when collision or diao paper after paper wrinkle, die-cutting precision.

4, cardboard transfer process, the main drive chain wear long, will directly affect the positioning accuracy of die cutting before. At this time to replace the chain. Intermittent mechanism of wear, cause tooth row jitter occurred in the process of stopping or starting, also affect the precision die-cutting. This kind of circumstance only commonly affects positioning accuracy, at this point, the response to timely for maintenance.

the above four is mechanical cause of die cutting tools and cutting accuracy is not high, the need to keep maintenance of machine operation and maintenance personnel, check the maintenance in time, to ensure the best operation condition of die cutting machine.
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