What are the role trademark die-cutting machine?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-12
Trademark die-cutting machine is suitable for die cutting various special-shaped trademark, such as labels, labels, envelopes, CARDS, CARDS, etc. Can die cutting substrates have offset paper, coated paper, paperboard, cardboard, polyethylene, polystyrene film, don't be cavity material, etc.
the role of the trademark die-cutting machine
trademark die cutting machine ( See figure 101) Works, to cut into square of semi-finished products ( 1000 ~ 1500) Between, on the die cutting knife and die cutting head of V on the feeding trough, die cutting head push die cutting of the semi-finished products, through the fixed die cutting knife, reach the paper receiver tank. Calculation method and based on the test of experience estimation method to determine the thickness of pad of paper.
the commonly used paper method has two kinds: one kind of method is to choose the appropriate paper put on the opposite side of the plate material flush. Then dig under the steel knife pad of paper, make the embossed steel knife, consistent with the actual pressure steel wire; , based on plate imprinting, the another way is to choose suitable thickness of the cardboard, paste on both sides of steel wire imprinting, forming channel strip, steel knife, steel wire pressure by stamping. Either way, after the pad should be test again, further examination marks, make necessary adjustment, to meet quality requirements.
(3) to determine rules: printing plate pressure after adjusted the plate fixed well, in case of dislocation in the stamping. Rules determine the location, should be selected reasonably according to the print specification requirement. Product specifications, should not choose too low, so bad for operation; Finished product specification is big, not too high, it will make upper uneven pressure. Generally make moulded product center.
determine and paste after positioning rules, test a few pieces and check carefully, if the product is folding cartons, should also be forming specifications, quality and so on a test.
(4) stick ( Plug) Eraser: die cutting indentation of sticky rubber in the main steel knife blade, using the rubber elastic restoring force action, between embossing print from the blade after launch. The rigid and soft, neutral rubber should be selected according to the flexible plate, generally more than hard rubber plug under the steel knife mouth along the recess; Under the soft rubber Dorset in steel knife along or in the gaps between the steel knife and steel knife. Rubber should be higher than that of blade 3 ~ 5 mm, as shown in figure 100.
should be paid attention to when plug rubber, rubber fabric density should be according to the layout of the case may be, not too thin, the main blade part should not be missed, the whole layout of the height of the rubber should keep uniform as far as possible, to prevent imprinted rubber cloth knife block after compression deformation, when two knife gap value is too small ( 1. Under five mni) Should not be rubber.
stick ( Plug) Rubber operation can be done after the row of knives, sometimes practice, can according to the density of plate steel knife, as well as the pressure up and simplified conditions. Need more thick plate in knife after the completion of the rubber is not only convenient, and the main steel knife mouth not easy omission.
5. Die cutting, stripping, inspection, packaging: all adjustment in place, should press print proof, make a comprehensive inspection, product indicators is in line with the requirements, confirm the soot. Attending the main power supply. Power supply for each part.
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