We must pay attention to how to use the die cutting machine in order to avoid unnecessary happens

by:Dalilu     2020-09-27
We must pay attention to how to use the die cutting machine in order to avoid unnecessary happens to die cutting machine technology is an important step of packaging decoration after processing. The original use PYQ vertical die cutting machine. The equipment have serious hidden trouble in safe operation. Because it is in the process of production to artificial feeding, inductrial injury accident happens easily. And because of its running a match like the tiger mouth, so its name - — Slot machines. Although, at present the production slots on the safety correlation had greatly improved. But still can't put an end to inductrial injury accident. At the same time, due to the slot machine is a single stand-alone operation. Operators familiarity with the product yield and quality of relationship is very large. Therefore, familiar with the operators became 'beacon' of enterprise competition. At present, imported offset printing machine production speed has more than 10000 printed/hour. If you use PYQ series 'slot machine', post-press equipment than to 1:6, that is to say one offset press must have six PYQ 'slots'. With the implementation of the new labor contract law, enterprise labor costs further. At the same time, because PYQ 'slots' low working efficiency, size error between the die cutting plate. The consistency of the products have also been affected. With alcohol, food enterprise process after packing into automated assembly line. Batch size on packing the consistency of the demand is higher and higher. Die cutting machine by using the central position automatically. Every one is guaranteed the accuracy and consistency. PYQ manual die-cutting machine with hand in hand out completely, operator slightly inattention, is prone to the attack. And firms are now the most afraid of is inductrial injury accident. High compensation for headaches for printing and packaging enterprises. Translation die cutting machine is an artificial positioning is difficult to guarantee the consistency of its products. Nowadays, in developed countries, has introduced the laws and regulations to ban the use PYQ series die cutting machine.
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Unlike the hydraulic cutting machine, the is more flexibly used in accasions where hydraulic cutting machine .
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