There are several common faults die-cutting machine work?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-06
Die cutting machine work common failure
( 1) Die cutting machine indentation rules. Reason is coated paper indentation slot is still too wide, cardboard indentation position uncertainty; The smaller the thickness of the copper bottom paper, groove Angle, the less the specification, any excess Angle, COINS and fixed blade knife and air tightness is not appropriate is too tight, flat bottom can not meet the requirements of the connection, the indentation easy to distort, copper wire indentation is too loose easily lead. Cutting processing and eliminating method is replacement of coated paper, extrusion mark opening is too narrow. Increase the thickness of the steel wire pad of paper, fine-tuning groove Angle; Solid knife should be suitable for the air tightness.
drum corrugated paper mould-cutting machine
( 2) Only a cutting edge. Reason is the poor quality of die cutting machine blade, blade is not sharp, cutting is adaptive differential. The edge of the steel wear serious, can't change in time. The machine pressure was not enough. Cutting pressure is adjusted. The blade in liner improper operation to reduce the pressure on the discomfort. Eliminating method is according to the different cutting performance of cardboard choose different quality characteristics, improve the adaptability of the blade. Regularly check the die cutting machine abrasion of blades and blade, timely replacement blades; Properly increasing the pressure of die cutting machine; Adjust the pressure and replace the gasket.
( 3) Indentation location is not accurate. The reason for failure is # position and printing products do not match, cutting and printing website deviation. Paperboard; Different cutting operation rules and different clamping position; Operating feed plate deformation or stretching, not on the standard overprint. Solution is based on product requirements to calibration template, printing and die cutting tool bit group. Adjust the die cutting machine cutting and feeding location rules, to make it consistent with the feed position; The failure reason is to reduce the quality of printing and die cutting material defects in itself.
( 4) Folding forming, cardboard crease craze. Folding, such as cardboard, indentation cracking reason is creasing width is not too deep or indentation depth; If the board crack, too much pressure can cause indentation and deep wrinkles. Appropriate thinning of paper cutting wire. According to the thickness of the cardboard indentation line width; Appropriate cutting machine structure of lower stress. Or use the height lower copper wire. Cutting and processing
( 5) There is a creasing the black thread and Fried. Dark lines are excessive creasing die-cutting machine, the line was burning, because too much stress on the indentation, cardboard fracture. The cause of the problem: copper welding mat thickness calculation is not accurate, welding pad too low or too high; Improper selection of copper; Molding machine pressure regulation, appropriate is too large or too small; The moisture content of paper is too low and fragile, this increases the toughness. The thickness of the paper cutting line should recalculate and adjust. Whether it is right to check if copper, properly adjust the die cutting machine pressure, whether according to the circumstance of cardboard adjust the die cutting indentation process conditions. Therefore, both should be adapted.
( 6) The board on the cutting machine. Reason is rubber filler in the slit is too thin, leading to insufficient toughness or rubber hard, improper selection, soft performance in; Steel knife is not sharp, paper thickness is too big, lead to clamp or cutting stress. According to the distribution of steel template, the rational use of different hardness of rubber. Pay attention to the viscosity. Clogging medium density distribution, appropriate adjustment of cutting pressure. If necessary, replace the blade.
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