Semi-automatic die-cutting machine in the boot must be done before production specification

by:Dalilu     2020-10-11
Semi-automatic die cutting machine is bound to do in front of the boot production specification semi-automatic die-cutting machine boot operation specification before production: 1, check whether the die cutting is the same as the sample size 2, 3 check product for mouth diao, according to the product quantity, types of paper and paper box structure choose bottom template material version 4, pack good die-cutting, lock screw fixation, in case of die cutting loose version. Make bottom template, the thickness of the bottom die for the bottom of the die cutting products, paper thickness 5, installed templates, clean up the surface clutter and lock 6, according to the thickness of the paper, adjust the die cutting pressure, adjust the pressure should be from light to heavy slowly increased to 80% penetration, otherwise it will cause equipment damage 7, adjust good to take off the paper parts up and down the location of the thimble, and lock after 8, adjust good parts, control box production sample for sample requirement, check no quality problem, signed by the competent after the sample can be normal production.
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