Press die cutting machine is the product packaging machine

by:Dalilu     2020-10-04
Press die cutting machine is the product packaging machine, paper machine along with the development of packaging machinery, food packaging, gift packaging and beverage packaging is becoming more and more important. Packing box with various shapes. Die cutting machine is the first products used in packaging machinery packaging machinery products.

die cutting machine cutting machine cutting speed is very fast. Compared with the previous die cutting machine, speed increased by several times. Cutting speed is the guarantee to the efficiency of the die cutting machine. On the conveyor belt. New type of writing involves the automatic suction technology. Automatic suction paper technology can achieve rapid accurate paper absorption characteristics.
in the use of die cutting machine, if the board is not properly aligned or did not take out of finished product in time, to avoid waste products, you should 'to open the handle and calibration board, and then reset the MCB.
die cutting machine should conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance per year, in order to avoid malfunction when using, and guide board machine can't complete order in time, resulting in huge losses.
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