Platform characteristic of die cutting machine is the most attract people eyes

by:Dalilu     2020-09-27
Platform for die cutting machine is the most attract people eyes die cutting machine is one of the characteristics of the utility model belongs to a kind of paper box, paper carton for a die cutting molding equipment. By a platform of conveyer and exhibition form template to make the original number of device respectively to complete the process of a complete set for a device, the template can be set up according to the need of the processed products in advance, die-cutting machine set up by the adjustable die cutting institutions, make the template through a die cutting molding. This machine can shorten the machining process. To improve the precision of processed products, save raw materials, and on the choice of processed products is not limited by the length and width, which can be suitable for various processing, special-shaped packing box. By a powder machine, touch line machine, slotting machine, Angle cutter, punching machine and other separation equipment, respectively, to complete the corresponding process of carton, carton die cutting molding equipment, whose character is: complete the cutting edge, the touch line, slotting, corner cutting, punching process is composed of the same devices platform conveyer, exhibition form template, die cutting roll, a die cutting molding.
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