How to improve the production efficiency of automatic die cutting machine

by:Dalilu     2020-10-11

the cost of automatic die-cutting machine is high, but it cannot be one-sided on behalf of the production efficiency can be higher than manual die-cutting machine ( Such as die cutting some puzzles or paper products) 。 The efficiency of automatic die cutting machine mainly depends on what kind of products, die cutting, long or short. The more orders, more suitable for automatic die cutting machine production. Today is talk a automatic die cutting machine how to improve the production efficiency.
1. Choose a big number of orders scheduled automatic die cutting machine production.
2. Production mode in the school, the captain and assistant engineer to cooperate with each other, spend less time on school mode;
3. If is old product die-cutting, often can use will arrange another time fill the bottom paper to keep up, if use office copy paper can save 20% of the school mode time;
4. Operation to minimize downtime, non-stop to choose as far as possible when the production of paper in Taiwan;
5. Die cutting corrugated paper in long time, before and after the assistantengineer cooperate to shorten downtime at the same time;
6. In one minute when looking for good manual hydraulic forklift, avoid looking for forklift truck is a waste of time;
7. Does not affect the product quality when the machine speed drive fast as soon as possible.
well outside the above points, I believe that the efficiency of automatic die-cutting machine will be improved.
2, die cutting, the pilot should have what quality?
1, familiar with die cutting machine working performance, familiar with the machine to complete the production task assigned by the company, and the production index, serious and responsible work, requires no less than three years working experience in printing and packaging industry.
2, before starting on a knife, carefully check and correction, to check the die cutting knife version and die cutting paper, sign to complete the first sample before production, unfinished, the sign sample first appeared in the production process quality problem take full responsibility.
3, pressure adjustment to avoid hurt during the working process of the knife, should pay attention to when die cutting, don't flash, cracking, critical line, broken skin, more Zhang Mo too light pressure affect the cutting process after the production problems.
4, in the process of production to do regular check, for not less than 500 inspection time, avoid above must pay attention to the problem. To finish production order quantity completes the production records, fill out true not false data.
5, do a good job in 5 s management ( Machine without dirt, clean and orderly workplace) , machinery and equipment maintenance regularly, demands machine repair report writing.
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