How to detect malfunctioning of the die-cutting machine maintenance?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-01

die cutting machine at the time of use if a sudden fault will lead to the end of the whole production line, must be guaranteed in the fastest time to detect the failure and repair, so what should we do? Below small make up to answer questions.

die-cutting machine failure detection of
the maintenance, the precision of the die cutting machine adjustment
the former gauge precision of sheet-fed automatic die cutting machine is a key parameter to ensure top regulation accuracy, former gauge precision adjustment involves many factors, some operators tend to use gauge inspection before system, this method is not scientific. Although gauge inspection before system can avoid the paper does not reach the designated position, tooth row of diao paper caused by unreliable skewed, but if you want to really gauge accuracy before the adjustment through the system, must be the probe diameter from 1 mm to zero adjustment. Alarm accuracy of 1 mm or so, the fact proved that could not be achieved. Therefore, we should consider the paper roller, the feeding time, side pressure gauge pull factors, such as the former gauge precision adjustment to the best state.

2, pressing the paper tests the
for sheet-fed automatic die-cutting machine, pressing the paper detection is very important, sometimes some operators will shut down this detection function, this is very dangerous, if pressing parts inspection of normal out of paper into the paper closed, once pressing card case, superposition of several layers of paper will be instantaneous, is bound to cause a stuffy car accidents, great damage to the equipment, and accident and very difficult to handle.

3, regular oil change
each brand sheet-fed automatic die-cutting machine factory file has fairly strict lubrication of the periodic table, brand, model of each part of the equipment required for lubricating oil, especially oil changing period are detailed requirements. Generally, the enterprise can according to the requirements of the brand, model to purchase oil, but neglect in lubricating oil change regularly. A lot of equipment lubrication management personnel in the oil change period comes, see equipment lubricating oil in the tank is very clear, is based on the consideration of cost saving, give up the replacement plan of the new lubricating oil, keep the equipment running.

4, preventive maintenance, tooth row
the tooth row also want to do preventive maintenance, often in general the fault performance is as follows:
1. His teeth piece diao paper together. When processing some coating packaging products, packaging products, often can appear to die cutting deviation increases, and the deviation of random phenomenon, this is likely to be caused by insufficient teeth piece together, because of the tooth row operation is a process of instantaneous deceleration, coating type packaging products smooth surface, in the process of the walk is expected to friction with tooth row, if under the condition of insufficient in tooth bite, will surely give rise to slip when products in die cutting, will lead to increased die cutting deviation.
  2. Clearance reset spring break or aging. This kind of failure occurs after the tooth row cannot be accurate and reliable to diao paper orientation and positioning, to cause a decline in yield. Staff must pay attention to this area when in maintenance equipment, for fracture or aging components to timely repair or replacement, to ensure normal production.
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