How convenient automatic die cutting machine?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-02
Fully automatic die-cutting machine has convenient, energy saving, avoid inductrial injury, the advantages of fast speed. However, there are also some disadvantages. The best mass production this product. A small amount of production is not cost-effective. Adjust the time a bit long. If the quantity is less, it is not cost-effective. In addition, the market is changing rapidly. , in contrast, does not ensure that every product is a lot of.
automatic die-cutting machine provides the convenience of
to shape is very precise and complicated products, thinner blades can bring a lot of convenience. According to the requirement of the product, choose a different hardness and shape of the tool, using machetes machine equipment such as bending knives into the required shape. Design good bending machine mold can avoid incorrect pressure on deformation of the blade.
install automatic die-cutting machine saw blade to slot template, should be moderately elastic, tapping the saw blade can be embedded with plate hammer, saw blade thickness and kerf width should be controlled in a certain range of tolerance. Leaning on the back of the blade is easy to install into the template. Blade cutter mold should have accurate verticality, to ensure that for each cutting end is perpendicular to the blade.
using automatic die cutting machine, greatly save the human cost, one can see two or three machines, saving time, reduce the pressure of the enterprise, improve the production efficiency. Creasing machine is mainly used for mechanical arm of indentation machine, bronzing machine, cutting machine, die cutting chip removal machine and label die cutting machine. Mechanical arm with automatic die cutting, chip removal, feeding and receiving function. The invention of the die-cutting machine specification is not high, also does not require high high and two voltage cutting die, feeding and discharge automatically.
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