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Gold always glows

Gold always glows


At 3 o'clock on 10th April , 2018, at the third floor conference hall of the government of Dongfeng Town, an innovation driven development conference of Dongfeng town was held for the year of 2018 . At the meeting, the deputy mayor of Ruijun Li unscrambled the relevant policies of the city and town in 2018, and carried out a commendation report to the business enterprises of our town.

Dalilu-Gold Always Glows - Dalilu Precision Machinery


    Dalilu Precision Machinery Co.Ltd has won award of "Zhongshan city  municipal enterprise technology center" and "inventions and creation advanced enterprises".

     In the future ,Dalilu company still presist in actively responding to the innovation driven development strategy proposed by the town Party committee and the government, increasing investment in R & D , speeding up scientific and technological innovation, and making outstanding contributions to the economic and social development of the whole town.

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