For automatic die cutting machine common failures to rule out in a timely manner

by:Dalilu     2020-09-27
For automatic die cutting machine to the common breakdown promptly eliminate automatic die cutting machine, lubrication and maintenance can be divided into day Zhou Bao and insurance, etc. , detailed in the following table: maintenance of the machine of every operator must be done. As machine maintenance well, increase maintenance costs and business spending; 2 will have a lot of damage to the machine, lead to shorten the service life of machine; Three influence operations, delay the production. Machine fault will certainly affect the operator emotions and delivery term. Finally, for the common malfunction to promptly eliminate die cutting machine. Machinery, automatic die cutting machine fault has common platform pressure phenomenon. This kind of situation for foreign bodies fall into the die cutting, generally should be taken to the location of the drive shaft rod under two wedge, at the same time, the platform on the rotation to the point. At this time on test with the relative position of net platform, on the four angles of the moving platform to net platform ( Where the die cutting plate clamp) The distance between the three, so that it can solve the problem. Electrical failure: because of automatic die-cutting machine center control system USES a programmable logic controller ( PLC) Electric switch, the main testing point and output in view, and its internal PLC ladder logic diagram. So in terms of electrical problems, maintenance personnel must first understand the ladder logic diagram, thus to judge and find the cause of the problem, this problem will be solved soon. Whether it's fully automatic or semi-automatic flat die cutting machine, need professional personnel for refueling and maintenance. Must want to know about the structure and performance of the machine, so as to maintain good one machine.
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