Due to the manifestation of automatic die-cutting machine work properly and reason have?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-12

  1. Indentation line is not clear. In two situations: first, die cutting pressure is unstable or too small, because the parts wear or loose, so that the impression cylinder or tablet each time the pressure stroke appeared the light weight, pressure light makes the product line indentation is not clear, then to the configuration for maintenance, the restoration of pressure equilibrium; Second rubber strip is too close, too thick, will cause the pressure the resistance is large, the average impact pressure and stable, so attention should be paid to the density, thickness of the rubber strip properly.

  2. Cartons are skewed. Due to creasing the thickness of the steel wire knives is unwell, steel wire cutter, is too thin will cause die-cutting corrugated board paper to print the crease line when parts of the sag, folding carton crease of the paper will uplift by 'product paper', formed after folding products deflection. If the die cutting product thickness, the thickness of the steel wire knives will get bigger, so easy to product paper crease edge.

  3. Cardboard indentation line lateral crack. This is because the indentation line too deep, indentation width is not enough. If the cardboard inner cracking because of the die cutting indentation pressure, make paper fiber fracture, should be appropriate die cutting pressure, convert height slightly lower indentation line, or on the basis of the cardboard to widen the indentation line plate thickness.

the on shows that the cause of automatic die-cutting machine work properly with the above three, as long as we suit the remedy to the case, you can easily get automatic die cutting machine, variable disorder as normal.
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