Die cutting vendors would analyze regulation scheme

by:Dalilu     2020-09-25
Die cutting machine is the need to adjust, but many people don't have to do a good job of the corresponding adjustment, resulting in the die cutting machine appear many problems, the following die-cutting die-cutting machine vendors would adjust scheme. 1, adjustable two claw pieces, and the position of the gear plate, claw block moves upward, pressure increase shear claw block every movement of a tooth, the distance between the two surfaces change about 0. 1 mm, usually the time for action is only one tooth. 2, when the claw pieces in the last teeth tooth plate position, you should consider replacement new gear eccentric and eccentricity. The following methods can be used to adjust, loosen the screw loose gear eccentric adjusting plate, the machine back gear eccentric gear wrench. Then note: both parties must equal the number of teeth, rotation is not more than three teeth. Installation of tooth plate, screw, adjusting the claw pieces will be adjusted to the first tooth, looked at the shear stress effect, the effect is not satisfied, you can make adjustments, should pay attention to the eccentric rotation of the gear teeth, teeth should be less than the first rotation. When the left or right when the pressure is too small, this method can also be used, namely small pressure adjustment which side which side gear eccentric, try to reduce the claw pieces returned 1 - appropriately The two teeth. 3, when the upper and lower part of the pressure, release pad and hook type adjusting screw fastening plate block, hook type cushion to increase the thickness of the gasket at the same time reduce the thickness of the gasket in the tone of the boards, facing growing pressure of the surface of the work unit; On the other hand, the low pressure.
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