Die cutting vendors would analyze basic understanding

by:Dalilu     2020-09-26
When we were in the use of die cutting machine, we need to have a clear understanding on the die-cutting machine, so what is the specific situation? The following and see it together. Die cutting machine is die-cutting, indentation, embossing, concave and convex production of major equipment, widely used for paper, cardboard, plastic, leather, cloth products and other products processing technology. In daily production, we can find that there are quite a part of the die cutting products, in fact also contain the creasing production process, so that people used to die cutting and creasing process, referred to as die cutting process. Due to various structure and characteristics of the product, the die cutting production mode should be adopted by the differences, and die cutting machine also has a variety of structure and form. Throughout all kinds of die cutting production equipment on the market, its form and structure is varied, there are vertical flat to flatten the structure model, and also has a horizontal automatic flat flat structure model; A round flat structure of the die cutting machine, is it the circle pressure circle in the form of die cutting institutions; Die cutting machine is suitable for sheet, also have can be carried out on the web of die cutting machine; Have both for electrochemical aluminum hot stamping, and can complete die-cutting multi-functional online machine; With corrugated cardboard printing machine on line indentation, grooving and cutting machine, also has with embossed, flexo, gravure, offset printing machine online homework die cutting device, etc. , to adapt to and meet the needs of a variety of products to improve production efficiency and quality.
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