Die cutting vendors would analyze a problem

by:Dalilu     2020-10-11
Die cutting opportunity arises a problem, so what is the reason of this occurring? The following die cutting vendors would tell you a problem. Cut part is the core of the die cutting machine, and die cutting plate and die cutting blank is the most basic parts. To ensure the high quality of die cutting, die cutting plate production is critical. Among them, the open even point and stick sponge strip is the most can reflect the level of production technology. Open even point is in die cutting blade mouth opened a small mouth, President of the width of the two rubber, make the carton and in the process of die cutting waste, locally connected together, won't die cutting process. More than the original by operators with their grinding tool open even point, so there are a lot of disadvantages, such as: even the point size is not the same: there was a die cutting blade mouth open even point deformation, etc. Many manufacturers now use special open even point. In sichuan WuNiu open even point device used in the company as an example, its working principle is based on the different thickness of paper wine packaging, use a variety of the thickness of the grinding wheel piece open even point on the die cutting knife. Out that even the point size uniform, do not hurt the knife, depth is moderate. Typically, quantitative is 200 - 250 g / ㎡ paper using 0. 3 mm thick grinding wheel piece, 250 - 350 g / ㎡ paper using 0. 4 mm of the grinding wheel piece of framed cardboard or corrugated board with 0. Grinding wheel piece of 8 mm. No matter even the point size, should be open in a secluded place publishing dynamic box, lest affect beautiful.
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