Die cutting machines effectively promote the development of precision die cutting industry

by:Dalilu     2020-10-05
Die cutting machines are used for die cutting industry auxiliary equipment, mainly to solve the proofing version set in the bulk before die cutting and cutting die small batch and special equipment for cutting work. At present domestic proof press to stand out, become the most effective tools for die cutting engineering master.

die cutting machines, die cutting machines can cut the insulation of the electronics industry materials, photoelectric materials, shielding materials, viscose products die cutting cutting, proofing and small batch production, insulation materials, photoelectric materials, shielding materials, viscose products proofing and small batch production of the knife mold is free.

can processing 1. 5 mm thick insulation materials, photoelectric materials, shielding materials, adhesive products, the electronic material of 2 mm thick. Die cutting machines is developed on the basis of the die cutting machine. Foreign manufacturing level is higher, die cutting machines development early, domestic die-cutting machines started in 2005, when the domestic professional die cutting enterprise, electronic manufacturing precision die-cutting proofing the mold is expensive, die cutting machines was born.

the emergence of the die cutting machines to reduce the die cutting production cost, improve the die cutting efficiency and competitiveness of enterprises. Especially the application in the electronic industry of die cutting machines has been developing rapidly in recent years, vigorously promoted the development of precision die cutting industry.
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