Die cutting machine to choose Delphi method

by:Dalilu     2020-09-28
Die cutting production technology is widely used for paper box, paper carton, paper bags, books and periodicals cover and plastic, leather, and other packaging decoration product processing technology, there are actually quite a part of the die cutting products, also contain the creasing production process, so that people used to die cutting and creasing process, referred to as die cutting process. Due to various structure and characteristics of the product, the die cutting production mode should be adopted by the differences, and die cutting machine also has a variety of structure and form. Throughout die cutting production equipment, its form and structure has a variety of, have a vertical flat to flatten the structure model, and also has a horizontal automatic flat flat structure model; A round flat structure of the die cutting machine, also have round pressure circular form of die cutting machine; Die cutting machine is suitable for sheet, also have can be carried out on the web of die cutting machine; Have both for electrochemical aluminum hot stamping, and can complete die-cutting multi-functional online machine; Have with corrugated cardboard printing machine on line indentation, grooving and cutting machine, also has with embossed, flexo printing, gravure, offset printing machine online operations, die cutting machine, etc. , to adapt to and meet the needs of a variety of products to improve production efficiency and quality.

the characteristics of horizontal die cutting machine

horizontal flat version of the structure of the pressing die cutting machines and pressure working face is a parallel state, under us pressure institutions through regular exercise complete die cutting up. It features good performance, convenient operation, high degree of automation. Due to the machine from the stroke and pressure is shorter, faster, and the automatic stripping device, can better meet the needs of continuous automatic feed and high-speed die-cutting work requirements. Now the international advanced level of horizontal roller automatic die-cutting machine, speed can reach 12000 pieces, die cutting accuracy is 0. 5 mm or so. Domestic horizontal pressing automatic die cutting machine speed can reach 9000 pieces, die cutting accuracy in 0. 1mm- 0. Between 15 mm and the domestic production of horizontal roller automatic die cutting machine price, only one-third of similar foreign product prices - Between a quarter. In fact, some of domestic automatic die cutting machine has gradually close to international advanced level, with the domestic advanced automatic die cutting machine can be completed fine of convertor. So, now domestic horizontal die cutting machine application range is very wide, and there is a large market potential. Horizontal die cutting machine have OY401C, MQW860, MY820 type and MY series fully automatic die-cutting machine and so on a variety of models.

the characteristics of the circular die cutting machine

round the structure of the die cutting machine has two forms: one is to die cutting version installed on the version, another is the circular die cutting steel knife, steel line in the roller, embossing forms are opposite.

but the stamping characteristics of circular die cutting machine, look line 'and' contact, is actually 'line to line' of close contact, so the die cutting pressure is relatively small, but easy to uniform pressure. Circular die cutting machine is divided into stop turning, a rotary, two rotary, its production speed is higher than vertical flat die cutting machine. Circular die cutting machine is suitable for large product die-cutting, but, when using, should pay attention to try to consider the layout on the knife line more version to ( Vertical or horizontal) , and in vertical state of roller axial into die cutting, to alleviate the pressure load on the layout, prevent part of the die cutting knife line ( And the drum into balance direction) Prone to deformation phenomenon. On the other hand, due to circular die cutting machine without stripping device, the applicability of the product structure has some limitations, the relatively small application market. Circular die cutting machine type MY401 quarto die-cutting and creasing machine, a rotating platform SBBS and SBDS die cutting machine, etc.

press circle round the characteristics of the die cutting machine

round round knife version of the die-cutting machine is installed in the roller, and pressure components and drum shape, is completely 'line to line' of contact pressure, stress fully and evenly, and can obtain high accuracy and high speed of die cutting effect, its production efficiency and quality, in all kinds of die cutting machine. However, the investment large production technology, the high cost of plate making, version is difficult, the current application market has certain limitations, so only suitable for relatively fixed die cutting, large quantities of products, to make the cost of production and product quality have been a better balance. Circle pressure circle die-cutting machine has GY1200 type, TB - - 1200 and TB The type 1600 models, etc.

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