Die cutting machine technology, adjust the distribution of stress and adjustment process

by:Dalilu     2020-10-20

Die cutting machine pressure adjustment technology, determine if the data and paste rubber bullets to adjust the layout of the pressure. First of all, adjust the pressure of steel knife. Insert paper, after the first few times stamping press flat steel knife, and then use the above 020 sheets of paper. 6 pages of the paper version after pressure test. According to the steel knife in the cutting of the cutting trace on the board, in order to obtain the ideal of the steel wire and steel knife pressure, the pressure of the steel wire should be based on the performance of the die cutting machine board.

adjustments are usually based on the thickness of the die cutting machine board, that is, the thickness of the buffer paper = the thickness of the steel wire high steel knife and the thickness of the die cutting machine board. Note: adjust the layout of the pressure, will be 020 - 6 version. Determine the rod position, usually centered with die-cutting products are advisable. Rubber bullet should be on both sides of the main steel knife die cutting machine type. Use good recyclability of rubber bands, cardboard will be separated from the trimming. In general, the rubber band should be higher than die blade about 1. 2 mm, the distance between the rubber band and cutting line should be 1 mm 2 mm. Due to the rubber bullet only by the blade installation, thus unable to expand to the blade after pressing.
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