Die cutting machine process

by:Dalilu     2020-10-09
Die cutting machine process die cutting process is the most commonly used to package printing process, is to use die cutting knife according to the requirements of the product design pattern combination ChengMo cutting plate, under the action of pressure, will print or other ring billet rolling cut into the required shape or cut marks of the molding process. Indentation technique is to use line pressing knife or line pressing mould, through the pressure effect on the sheet metal press line mark, or use of rolling wheel on board [ 1] At predetermined positions for bending forming. Usually die cutting indentation technique is to put the die cutting and line pressing knife combination within the same template, at the same time in the die-cutting machine for die cutting and creasing processing craft, referred to as die-cutting. Technology introduced the main process for die cutting indentation: version to adjust the pressure, to determine the rules - glue on substrate materials - pressure die cutting - formal die cutting indentation.
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