Die cutting machine paper is not smooth how to solve the problem?

by:Dalilu     2020-09-29
Cause die-cutting machine feed smoothly a variety of reasons, not deformation, mainly for paper printing surface too smooth or caused by other mechanical failure.
to solve the problems of the die cutting machine paper is not smooth method
( 1) Coated paper after deformation is more serious when the feida often cannot J, worthy of the paper.
( 2) Caused by the print surface is too smooth to lose paper smooth
after the effect of polishing products due to its surface is smooth, also can cause some difficulties to the feed. For the above two cases, experienced operator will do preparatory work before the paper, such as: paper, add some wedge in paper or paper roll to keep the paper level off, the advance in the paper, paper work or appropriate to reduce the speed of die cutting machine, usually can avoid the happening of the problem.

( 3) Mechanical failure caused by feed difficult
feida suction nozzle, the suction pile enough, distance on the location of the plane is not appropriate, such as rules of positioning inaccurate mechanical reasons can lead to diagonal appeared in the process of feed, double fault, empty card, etc. As long as usual to do a good job of die-cutting machine maintenance and mechanical parts of the adjustment will avoid paper difficulties due to mechanical failure.
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