Die cutting machine on the pressure and layout adjustments

by:Dalilu     2020-10-19
Adjust the pressure on the die cutting machine and the layout of the adjustment process of die cutting machine technology of pressure, determine the data and paste rubber plug, adjust the layout of pressure to the adjustment of the pressure of steel knife. Boot stamping pad of paper and a few times, so that the steel knife touch flat, then use print version is greater than the die cutting machine layout to pressure test, according to the steel knife cut cut marks on the board, using partial or all of the gradually increasing pressure or ways to reduce the number of paper backing layer, make the layout of the knife line pressure is uniform. In general, steel wire is lower than knife line 0. 8mm(Because of depending on the type corrugated board stare blankly, cardboard thickness difference is bigger, should be adjusted according to actual situation ') To make steel wire and steel knife all desired pressure, should according to the nature of the die cutting machine board to adjust the pressure on steel wire. Usually based on the die cutting machine board thickness to calculate the thickness of the pad of paper, that is, the thickness of the pad of paper = steel knife steel wire height and the thickness of the die cutting machine board. Note: after the section pressure to adjust, will die cutting machine plate fixed well. Determine the rules, the general is die-cutting products center is advisable. Rubber elastic plug should be on both sides of the main steel knife die-cutting editions of the base. Using rubber play the role of a good recovery, cardboard from the edge of the separated sound. Generally speaking, the rubber article should be higher than that of die blade 1. Article 2 mm or so, rubber distance knife line 1 mm It is advisable to 2 mm. Because if only on blade installation, rubber plug not expansion in the direction of blade after compression, only to another direction expands cause to both sides of paper, die cutting machine knife is not cut off the paper. Has been rubber elastic sierra, paper are prone to hair.
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