Die cutting machine is essential to packaging machinery and equipment

by:Dalilu     2020-10-02

flat die cutting machine is essential to packaging machinery and equipment, mainly products for processing. Now to improve the level of consumption, the duty of the outer packing for people pay more and more attention to. Die cutting machine indentation process is also a highlight important packaging technology of packing grade. Various types of packaging
now, there will be many different packaging, the same commodity along with the packaging different prices are different, this is the packaging effect of die cutting indentation process, affects the grade of the product and price. Die cutting indentation technique is to use the line pressing blade, through the role of stress lines on the cardboard line mark, and then carried out in accordance with the marking the location of the bent shape, called packing boxes and other paper products. When indentation and bending is die cutting knife and line pressing on the same platform, and form a line production.

process is introduced the main process for die cutting indentation: Settings -> paste version to pressure adjustment, rules on substrate materials to pressure die cutting, formal die-cutting indentation to clear scrap, product packaging winding or cut a piece and points.
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