Die cutting machine cutting point how to adjust?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-06
Die cutting machine many incorrect operation will be a different degree of impact on product, so it is necessary to explain to all operations personnel, to train the right operation method, real improve the quality of products.
the die cutting machine cutting point adjustable:
1. Module's work has been completed. It will cut plastic film material, and then the cutting tool into the material, and then push forward cutting area.
2。 With both hands respectively, press the switch of die cutting machine cutting, cutting material, after the opening before automatic recovery position, stop the roller die cutting machine and die cutting machine.
3。 If found in the process of stamping material not cutting, adjust the cutting depth of the controller. Die-cutting machine will rotate clockwise along the reverse direction 'pressure' system. If the plastic film is knife molding too deep, it will be. 'Pressure system' reverse adjust cutting depth, trying to make the mould slightly pushed a date.
4。 Die-cutting machine will pull the feed plate cutting area to remove material, thus finish cutting flat stamping process. Method of die cutting machine is mainly used for continuous feeding, always there is some overlap between before and after the piece. This means that the steady and rapid, but quickly adjust positioning has a great influence, this article before, paper roll or rebound after the power will lead to locate license. Die-cutting machine is the ideal cutting should guarantee the synchronous speed, movement speed on the feeding table should be as low as possible. Second, the role of die-cutting machine chain to chain and control direction, and the thickness of the rail to can be embedded in the period of the right side of the chain. The distance between the up and down the track must ensure smoothly through the chain, and is too small and increase the driving resistance. Too easy to break the routine. The length of the chain will also impact on the performance of crawler machine, must pay attention to these factors in the process.
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