Die cutting machine and the feed industry?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-03
Die cutting machine for paper mainly completed by the movements of the suction and paper. Paper adopts the press paper round of paper, paper will appear in the process of fault
the following introduction to the die cutting machine and the feed industry
1. In the paper is not stable. Need to constantly adjust the fault mainly domestic die cutting machine. Due to domestic pem fuel cutting machine does not use the suction conveyor belt, easy to cause your paper is not stable, paper, low positioning accuracy, feed and paper tape, pressure roller, roller gauge before check block, side gauge block such as wear and tear. This problem can be through the tap before entry into paper, edge grinding and adjust the paper to solve.

2. 。 Feed restricted paper there are many reasons, mainly paper deformation, print too smooth surface or other mechanical failure!
( 1) Due to the paper deformation, into the paper is not smooth. Because the die cutting is the last step of the whole process of printing, paper after several steps of processing easy to deformation, especially on high temperature and high pressure after glazed. Coated paper after deformation is more serious, so the feida often cannot feed J ha profits to paper.

( 2) Due to the print surface is too smooth, into the paper is not smooth. Because the surface is too smooth, coated with polish film products will also bring some difficulties to feed. For the above two cases, experienced operator will prepare work before loading the paper. When loading paper, for example, to add some wedge or paper roll to maintain smooth, when loading paper, trimming, out of paper or decrease the speed of die cutting machine, this can often avoid the happening of the problem.

( 3) Mechanical failure cause feeding difficulties, inadequate suction of the suction nozzle, paper pile plane position is not suitable, rule positioning inaccurate appeared in the process of mechanical reasons can lead to paper paper, double page, such as empty paper failure. As long as usual to do a good job of die-cutting machine maintenance and adjustment of mechanical parts, can avoid paper difficulties caused by mechanical failure.
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