Die cutting engineering and technical personnel for drawing review?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-21
Die cutting engineering technical personnel for drawing approval process
1. Look at both the positive and negative
here are not necessarily to make a positive product or surface, we are here to distinguish is that customers use the product, which is the first to use the side? Our product is according to the design drawings provided by customers, to design the production process of order, this is the first thing to understand.
customers usually have to first use of glue is the lesser coverage from type paper, so convenient for customers. Encountered in the double-sided adhesive products have ears or a positioning hole, the idea of 'positive and negative' would be easy to confusion, to explain the simple said: the so-called positive is a complete finished goods in the before your face you can see the face, can clearly see the shape of the products of this surface is the so-called positive, but can't see another side of what we call reverse or plastic surface.

with the products of the ear is the opposite in front of the customer first to use, it is face up to rush out. And positioning hole, the customer is unavailable to positive lighter from type paper paste objects, are our products at this time in front of glue, also some people call it negative. Anyhow we should according to customer's drawings on the transfer of information to identify, customer the first to use the one in the face. The subsequent design work is good for you to carry out.
2。 For distinguish with glue area

to distinguish products are plastic area. This step is to distinguish our products the characteristics of each region, to determine where our products are all broken to remove or not to remove, and where a half off to remove. Usually remove all the broken area, but also have to customer operation is convenient and not remove waste, have the effect of support, and a half off to remove waste, left by the parting paper can protect the customer's product, or can keep the products clean. If not, in line with the process convenient and save human, can communicate with the customer to break.

  3。 Size limit

size limit. The size limit here is our production encountered this kind of size can't use technology to make up or there is a great deal of difficulty thereby causing loss to the size of the capacity is too large, such as: 1. Under 5 mm round hole, box within 1 mm distance, die cutter has high precision, the class size to complete, easily when they are small round Kong Chong type * * product waste, scrap.

hour pad knife foam spacing easily killed and less flexibility, product deformation, displacement, or glue, easy to fall off as scrap. Now due to technical relations round hole cutting die have yet to be completed within 1 mm, inside and outside the box minimum 0 spacing requirements. 8 mm to open knife, jumped less than this value must be inside and outside the box production, thus affecting the accuracy of the product.

but also can ensure the production, the minimum distance between jumped making 0 we can do. About 4 mm, tolerance of plus or minus 0. 05 - - - 0. 1mm。 4. The add of the ear and their locations.

  4。 The add of the ear and position

in general ear where bits set, whether to add or to add to the customer designated. If you want to add our own, according to the principle of easy to use our ears is depend on the area on the right side products. Small products with location in the middle. In order to facilitate production, ears should be added in the line to the height, ear if the line under the straight line, the direction should be straight not inclined, too small to operate, too much waste of materials. The ear is without glue, small ears can affect the product.
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