Development of die cutting machine?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-07
Die cutting machine is widely applied, its working principle is not complicated. Die cutting technology is mainly used die cutting knife, steel knife, metal molds, and steel wire, through the embossing plate of a certain pressure, to print or cardboard roll into the shape of a certain. If the print be compressed into a separate graphics products, this is called die cutting. If use wire prints of the pressure in the trace or traces of a curved groove, this is called creasing. If you use two templates of Yin and Yang, heated to a certain temperature, the die design of 3 d effect or font will be hot stamping on the surface of printing products, this is known as hot stamping. If a base material is coated on a base material, this is called adhesion. In addition to the real product, the other is excluded, this is called a waste disposal.
the development direction of die cutting machine is introduced. the

1. Traditional self-adhesive label printing machine manufacturing enterprises. In the production of difficult times, production and sales decline year by year. The main reason is that the high-tech products - — Efficient rotating satellite label printing machine and flexographic printing machine production and sales volume increase, printing and continuous circular die cutting efficiency is much higher than intermittent printing and die cutting intermittently backward production equipment.
2. Rotary die cutting will be best die cutting methods for large-scale printing and packaging products. Have been used for the flexible printing production line, form printing machine, corrugated paper printing slotting die-cutting machine, rotary self-adhesive label printing machine, gravure printing die cutting line, online printing and packaging equipment. With the development of printing technology, especially the circular die cutting roller processing technology, the application scope of circular die cutting will be more extensive, die-cutting production efficiency will be further improved.
3. With the rapid development of printing and packaging industry, the enterprise scale expands unceasingly. The application of automatic die cutting machine market will continue to expand. Semi-automatic molded mark machine, by contrast, sales market will further decline. In addition to the production efficiency is low and the reason of labor intensity of operators, the main reason for decline in its is the shortcoming of poor safety and easy happening inductrial injury accident. However, due to the printing and packaging industry in our country the size of the gap is bigger, the device will still have a certain market, and will continue to play a role.
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