Cutting machine blade broken blade wear and cutting machine

by:Dalilu     2020-10-21
Adhesive cutting vendors would resolve cutting machine blade damage reason and test method of
slitting machine blade broken blade wear and cutting machine, is also a form of cutting machine blade failure. Cutting machine cutting blade in some conditions when using, if it withstand strong stress ( Cutting force and thermal stress) , damage may occur suddenly, make the tool in advance lose cutting ability, this kind of situation is called cutting machine blade damage. Breakage is relative to the wear and tear.

in a sense, the damage can be regarded as a kind of abnormal wear and tear. Points to the breakage of the cutter blade has the early and late ( The breakage of the processing to after a period of time) Two kinds. Cutter blade damage in the form of points two brittleness damage and plastic damage. Tungsten carbide and ceramic cutting machine blade when cutting, under the influence of mechanical and thermal shock, often occur brittle damage. Brittleness damage is divided into: collapse knife, broken broken, spalling, crack damage.
slitting machine blade damage is mainly in the form of wear and tear. In modern production system ( Such as FMS, CIMS, etc. ) , when cutting machine blade of abnormal wear or damage occurs, such as is not found in time and take measures, will result in artifacts scrap, machine damage, even cause a great loss. Therefore, the blade cutting machine state monitoring is very important.

slitting machine blade breakage can be divided into direct and indirect monitoring two kinds. The so-called direct monitoring, namely direct observation points cutter blade, confirm the cutting machine blade is broken. Typical methods of them are industrial television) Camera method. Indirect monitoring method using other physical quantities associated with cutting machine blade breakage or physical phenomena, indirect whether cutting machine blade has been damaged or signs of the damage.
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