Common failure of die cutting machine should be ruled out in time

by:Dalilu     2020-10-09

in terms of mechanical, automatic die cutting machine platform for the common faults is deviation. In this case, most of the foreign bodies fall into the die cutting position. In general, should drive shaft under two wedge position, rotate the platform to the limit point at the same time. At this point, the inspection activities on the platform and the relative position between the cleaning platform, to ensure that activities on the platform and the platform (clean Die cutting plate is clamped) The distance between the four perspectives, so as to solve the problem.

this is the type of automatic die-cutting machine, safe operating procedures, nine big advantages, indentation processing method of common faults and its solutions, failure prevention and maintenance methods. Hope to help everyone! Want to know, at present, our country's pressure automatic die cutting machine technology has reached a higher level, formed a complete series of varieties.

however, in order to improve the working efficiency of the platen automatic die cutting machine and products, manufacturers are still in the ongoing die-cutting equipment technical reform and die-cutting template row of knives, technical modification of the automatic die cutting machine.

automatic die cutting machine is the future development trend of the mechanical industry. Its main characteristics are as follows: automatic, intelligent, multi-functional automatic die cutting machine. Automatic die cutting machine automation and intelligence will improve further.
automatic front-rear device and automatic stripping device will become more and more perfect. The function of automatic die cutting machine is more and more diversified. They can be used for die cutting, hot stamping and holographic mark.

with the further development of machinery manufacturing technology and electrical control technology, the speed and precision of automatic die-cutting machine will reach high speed, high efficiency and high precision.
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