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CNC Automatic Roller Hydraulic Stamping Machine Shipped to Zhongshan

CNC Automatic Roller Hydraulic Stamping Machine Shipped to Zhongshan


January 26th, 2019 Source:dalilu

On January 26th, 2019. CNC Automatic Roller Hydraulic Stamping Machine Shipped to Zhongshan to serve customers.This machine is suitable for large format paper hot stamping,especially adopt to hot stamping red couplets though out the year,but also to adopt to the indentation、bronzing、cutting and other operation of plastic、leather and cloth.


Main Features:

1. Microcomputer control system

2. Touch screen

3. From lower to upper press,according to the length of material to select the longitudinal or transverse mode of operation,dislocation receiving set length.
3) It is driven by the servo motor feeding plate fixed length of product automatically into/exit (reciprocating)press area.

4. Servo motor and roller type material receiving,precision accuracy,stable performance.Can be set bronzing length freely.

5. Installed   safety grating protection device,CE safety standards,very safe.

6. External fuel tank, cooling device,heat fully,cutting pressure stability,making the machine more durable.

7. Temperature control system

Dalilu-Cnc Automatic Roller Hydraulic Stamping Machine Shipped To Zhongshan

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