Clearance slicer application in actual operation

by:Dalilu     2020-10-05
Clearance slicer application in actual operation, we may not be very familiar with clearance slicer, and have not yet fully understand its operation process, so it was very strange.
clearance slicing machine application in the actual operation
in terms of functions, in addition to the semi automatic die cutting tools and cutting, there is also a hot pressing function, called a hot pressing die cutting machine, some with functions of automatic waste removal, called waste molding machine. Cutting die cutting machine. Circular die cutting machine cable contact, die cutting pressure is low, the characteristics of high production efficiency. Aniline with offset printing machine, printing machine, gravure printing and other printing equipment connection for online die-cutting, therefore has wide application range.
clearance type semi-automatic die-cutting machine slicing machine not only performance is good, and according to the corresponding material properties using appropriate technology, operation is convenient. But no matter you how to operate, the first step is the same, is comprehensive and detailed check of the clearance slicer. Check content including clearance slicing machine is normal and whether installed; The position of each component is accurate, and so on.
semi-automatic die-cutting machine at the same specific operation. You need to open the gap model slicing machine power and water, and then choose the corresponding fixture according to diameter of core sample. Clamp core samples, and then transfer them to the middle of the chassis. Loosen up and down a rope, and screw down the handwheel, turn the ascending the handwheel, then at the end face 1 mm from the core grinding wheel to stop.
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