Classification web die-cutting machine?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-05
Classification of web die-cutting machine and use the
web die-cutting machine for a peaceful circle pressure circle pressure flat. Flat flat die cutting machine is a kind of drum paper from the paper feed for die-cutting and creasing machine, cable outside and online in two ways. Off-line processing is to use the printer printing board, then wrap on the reel drum paper feed shelf on the die-cutting machine for die cutting indentation processing. Off-line processing mode is characterized by the printer was not associated with die-cutting and creasing machine, not restricted to each other. Printing machine adjustment printing number of die cutting machine and printing machine, is available, or increase the die-cutting and creasing machine boot time.
processing ways in the line is the die cutting machine and printing machine, and of transport machine, starting from the drum cardboard with a printing production, die-cutting indentation process. This way can reduce operator, but generally the printer speed is higher, and the die cutting indentation machine speed is low, the speed can not match, can only reduce the printing speed, is unlikely to improve the die cutting indentation machine speed, production efficiency is affected!
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