Classification and application of web die-cutting machine have?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-03
Classification and application of web die-cutting machine:
web die-cutting machine for circular and flat pressed flat type web die-cutting machine is through the web feed die-cutting and creasing machine. It has a cable and online two modes. Offline processing is to use the printer printing board, and then winding on drum paper machine rolls of paper on the die-cutting machine of paper on the shelf for die cutting and creasing processing. Offline processing characteristic is no connection between press and die-cutting and creasing machine, also did not restrict each other. More die cutting machine can adjust the printing presses, cooperate with the printer or the startup time can increase the die cutting machine.
online processing method is to die cutting machine and printing machine, and form a combined transfer machine, the transfer machine adopts printing, die-cutting and creasing process from drum paper board production. This method can reduce the number of operators, but usually printing speed is relatively high, and die cutting indentation machine speed is relatively low. Both speed does not match, can only reduce the speed of the printing press, can't improve the speed of die cutting indentation machine, which affects the production efficiency.
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