Automatic die cutting machine technology of die cutting machine process is what?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-04
Automatic die-cutting machine die-cutting machine technological process for die cutting process

die cutting machine process die cutting process is the most commonly used packaging printing process, it is according to the design requirements of product design using a combination of die cutting knife die cutting version.

in pressure, printing or other packaging, under the action of billet rolling and cutting into the required shape or cut the molding process.

indentation process is the use of line pressing knife or line pressing mould by pressure line pressing traces on paper, or use roll paper [ 1] Bending to the desired location.

usually, die cutting indentation technique is to die cutting and line pressing knife merge in the same template, and die-cutting and creasing process was conducted on the die cutting machine. At the same time, the abbreviation for die cutting.

process introduce die cutting indentation process mainly is: the previous version to adjust the pressure, to determine the rules - glue substrate attachment to test pressure die-cutting, formal die cutting indentation.
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