Automatic die cutting machine on how to adjust mould die cutting machine?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-10
Explaining the operation of the die-cutting machine automatic die-cutting machine with adjustable die method
, turning on the power supply equipment inspection! Without mould pressure testing for a few minutes before the machine, make sure the machine work properly! Die cutting machine and the machine punching products die cutter must stand straight, otherwise out product easy to lack of material, put machine template tear open come down to the workbench, sticky tape on the die cut of the horizontal straight from template with tape.

the right or left the screws to tighten the with the template, rising pressure, the gap between top and bottom template must be higher than that of the mold and the thickness of the PC board, the template in the PC board sticky tape and fixed part at the bottom of the mould, with sticky tape on the white paper on the other side of the PC board didn't stick tape, PC board next, white paper in the middle; After put on carbon paper slowly downward pressure, pressure testing, slowly with the host point into until the child have the knife mould on white paper.

marks on the white paper is for the sake of convenience when playing a product confirm the location of the debugging, the paper placed in the bottom PC board, use the positioning foam positioning!

try to rush a mould materials in place, the platoon to go to waste, check the products, when products or raw edges is found out of place in the PC board at the bottom of the paper, on corresponding to the bad place with transparent tape!

when goods layered or cutting is found by the blade should be in the PC slabs should be bad gently scrape! Product debugging complete material Settings jump from a rack, etc. Rushed out of the debugging good first mold products should be looking for qc confirmation, such as after completion of qc confirm to strike! Products often should self-check until the production is complete.
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