Automatic die cutting machine indentation processing of common failures and solutions

by:Dalilu     2020-10-08

1。 Automatic die cutting machine indentation location is not accurate.
the cause of the problem: do not tally with the printing products; Die cutting machine with printing grid alignment; Cardboard mouth have different rules. Die cutting during feeding position inconsistent; Operation process, the deformation of cardboard or stretch, not allowed to overprint. Solution: according to the product requirements to calibration template, set the grid printing die cutting machine. Adjust the die-cutting machine feeding and positioning of the rules, keep the paper consistent position; According to the cause of the problem, reduce printing and material defects on the quality of the die cutting machine.
2。 Gap is not clear, dark lines and Fried line
wiring is excessive indentation, and excessive Fried line refers to the indentation pressure and board damaged. The cause of the problem is: copper wire paper pad thickness calculation inaccurate, paper pad too low or too high; The choice of the copper wire is not appropriate, Molding machine pressure regulating improper, too big or too small; Poor paper, paper moisture content is too low, it increased its brittleness, reduce its toughness. The solution: paper cutting thickness of steel wire shall be recalculated and adjustment. Check whether the choice of the copper wire appropriate; Adjust the pressure of die cutting machine; According to the state of the moulding board, adjust the indentation process conditions of die cutting machine, adapt both as much as possible.

3。 Indentation rules
the reason is the indentation slot on the copper bottom paper is too wide, creasing cardboard location when not sure. Copper pad of paper thickness is not enough, groove Angle is not standard, have extra rounded corners, or fixed knife tightness improper, copper is too tight, not as perfect as linking piece flat at the bottom of the connection, therefore, when indentation easy appear distortion; Copper wire is too loose, when indentation easy in moving around. Solution: replace the copper pad of paper and keep a narrow rules of extrusion tag design. Increase the thickness of the steel wire pad of paper, shaping groove Angle; Layout and fixed cutter, elastic should be appropriate.

4。 Automatic die cutting machine parts not only
the reason is that the quality is poor, steel knife blade is not sharp, die-cutting machine adaptability is poor. Steel blade wear serious, can't change in time. Insufficient pressure machine; When the pressure adjustment die-cutting machine, steel knife of the paper pad mishandled, die cutting machine pressure uncomfortable.
solution: according to the different characteristics of the die cutting machine board, choose different quality of steel knife, to improve the adaptability of die cutting machine. Regularly check the steel knife mouth and wear situation, and timely replacement of the new steel knife; Appropriate increase of the die-cutting machine die cutting pressure. To adjust the steel knife pressure and change of pad of paper.
5。 Cardboard adhesion after die cutting machine knife plate
the reason was that the blade around filling rubber is too thin, cause lack of elasticity, or rubber is not suitable for hard, medium and soft three performance options. Steel knife is not sharp edge, the thickness of the paper is too big, sword or die cutting machine pressure is too large. Solution: according to the distribution of the steel knife, it is reasonable to choose different hardness rubber, glue plug when should pay attention to the proper density distribution. Adjust the die cutting machine pressure, if necessary, replace the steel knife.

6. When folding and forming, cardboard crease will craze.
when folding, if the outer edge of the cardboard indentation crack, the reason is that impression is too deep or indentation width is not enough; If the board of the medial cracking, it is due to the large compression indentation force and fold too deep. Solution: wire paper cutting thickness can be reduced; According to the thickness of the cardboard widened indentation line; Properly reduce the pressure of the floor cutting machine; Or the copper wire with height slightly lower.
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