Automatic die cutting machine in three steps

by:Dalilu     2020-10-10
Automatic die cutting machine production efficiency can be through the three aspects of upgrading greatly improved: every time need to 40 minutes of the mould, for example, in about 200 minutes five times a day. If was improved, need only 6 minutes, five times a day, it only takes 30 minutes, then can save 200 - every day 30 = 170 minutes, can save 170 * 30 = 5100 minutes a month. 5100 minutes is equivalent to one unit a week's work time, this is the value of quick die change.
the traditional automatic die cutting machine not quickly replace the die set, so must use two die set to quickly replace the die set. Specific use method is as follows: template is divided into template template a and b.
1。 Template A production is completed, the template A, pull out and insert the quick change in the template.
2。 B the template to be included in the equipment, installation template;
3。 After the installation is complete, start debugging B pattern template parameters, after waiting for normal production, to dismantle A pattern template, and then install C pattern template, recycled.
1: pull the template A
2: pull the template, after A push into the template b
3: mold frame through the flip fast replacement, including the upper and the lower.
in this case, two mold base can be used to replace the mold, so as to reduce the time of the installation and remove the mould directly. Remove the action fully into the production process, greatly reducing the tool changing time.
of course, in order to achieve faster mode conversion, pressure problems must be resolved, and usually in slow adjustment of most of the time machine can adjust the pressure.
2 main tool to solve the problem of pressure
1, using multiple die cutting substrates
die cutting the floor can be prepared, if the company's products are relatively small, you may want to consider a die-cutting floor for each product. Use the same die cutting board to ensure that the pressure from the beginning to the end always is very low, and the template surface stress is the same.
2, use pressure die
debug die cutting pressure for the first time, the pressure under the bottom die. Once adjusted, the bottom template and pressure membrane formed a set of system. Therefore, during the period of reproduction, as long as the die cutting pressure to keep the same as the previous pressure, do not need to adjust the die cutting pressure.

4: pressure membrane 5: pressure film storage
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