Automatic die cutting machine how to operate?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-08
Automatic die cutting machine safety operation procedures

1, the operator must go through strict training and qualified, with the skill of equipment operation and safety features.

2. Before start the machine, must check the equipment of all parts is normal, switches and safety devices are reliable, and to all components of the need of lubrication oil.

3. Check for tools and other equipment above items, in order to avoid crushing equipment.

4. Started operations, allowing only one operation, observe whether there is a personnel to do other work on the device.

5. Repair, adjust, refueling, maintenance and cleaning, the machine must be in stop state, and press the button to open the security cover and locking device.

6. Equipment operation process, it is strictly prohibited to reach out her hand to the pressure plate and sheet pile internal adjustment. If you need to adjust, you must stop the machine. In the process of production, it is forbidden to drill under the machine adjustment device.

7. Folding and installing a template, must open the protection device, and carefully check the safety of the fastening device.

8. When using continuous conveying, the operator's finger must be full servo control, servo drive pressure, simple maintenance; Pressure stable, depth accuracy can reach 0. 005 mm; Automatic die cutting machine applicability is wide and jumping distance of product can be adjusted.

control system adopts high performance mitsubishi programmable controller, man-machine interface combined with the special motion controller, improve the control accuracy, guarantee the system compatibility, reduce equipment failure rate.
full Chinese operation interface, the operation is simple to fit, save training time; Mobile integration interface reduces the probability of damage, improve the operating efficiency. Standard mould base design, die cutting strong compatibility, saving the cost of mold development.
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