Automatic die cutting machine fault how to eliminate?

by:Dalilu     2020-10-09

failure prevention method of automatic die-cutting machine
a, pressing paper test
for automatic sheet-fed die cutting machine, pressing part of the paper production testing is very important. Some operators sometimes close the test function, it is very dangerous. If pressing department feed test paper test normally closed, once pressing department, paperboard, there will be several layers of paper instantaneous overlay, this will certainly cause traffic accident, caused great damage to equipment, accident treatment is very difficult.
2, the precision of the die cutting machine adjustment
the former gauge precision of automatic sheet-fed die cutting machine is a key parameter to ensure gage accuracy before. Former gauge precision adjustment which involves many factors. Some operators are usually only gauge inspection system before use. This method is not scientific. While the gauge inspection system can avoid the unreliable diao paper teeth caused by the dislocation and paper skewed, but if you want to really gauge accuracy before the adjustment through the system, probe adjustments must be from about 1 mm diameter is about 0. 1 mm alarm accuracy, and it has proven to be impossible. As a result, pressure roller, feeding time, side gauge pulling force and other factors. Will be taken into account before the gauge accuracy adjustment to the best state.

3, regular maintenance row of teeth
also should make regular maintenance for the cutter. In general, the common faults as follows:
1. Tooth slice of insufficient clamping force
when processing some coated packaging products, packaging products of die cutting deviation tends to increase, and the deviation is irregular. This may be due to insufficient teeth plate bite. Due to the operation of the tooth plate is an instantaneous acceleration and deceleration process, so it was enshrouded the packing of the product surface is smooth, in the process of feeding and the friction of the tooth plate. If the tooth plate bite force is insufficient, the product will inevitably in the process of die cutting slippage, this will lead to the increase of the die cutting deviation.
2, return spring break or gap aging
this fault happens, the tooth row cannot be reliably and accurately locate the paper and pressed together, this will lead to the decline in output. Inspection equipment, the staff should pay attention to this part, timely repair or replace damaged or aging of components, to ensure normal production.
4, regular oil change
each brand sheet-fed automatic die-cutting machine factory file has fairly strict lubrication of the periodic table, brands and models of equipment parts required for lubricating oil have detailed requirements, especially the oil change cycle. In general, the enterprise can basically need to purchase the brands and models of lubricating oil according to oneself, but ignored the lubricating oil change regularly. Many equipment lubrication managers see, when the lubricating oil change cycle coming, equipment lubricating oil in the tank is still very clear. In order to save costs, they give up the plan for a new lubricating oil, allow the equipment to continue running. Automatic die-cutting machine maintenance methods of
1. First of all, the operator should pay attention to dust and clean.
in the actual production, cutting cartons will produce a lot of cotton waste paper edge and paper. If you don't pay attention to, chain transmission parts, die cutting mobile platforms and some rotational moving parts will enter, and photoelectric detection of the first class. Will be blocked, resulting in failure. The body of the die-cutting machine, therefore, must first cleaning, to ensure trouble-free operation machine.
2。 Second, replacement of the die-cutting machine oil
die cutting machine's main job is through the main motor to drive the slider and pulley, then move with four toggle, the high speed of 6000 copies per hour. No good lubrication and cooling, this is very troublesome. Lubrication and maintenance can be divided into daily maintenance,
3, Zhou Bao and month maintenance machine is each operator must do
because of my poor machine maintenance, this will increase maintenance costs and expenses. Second, it can cause great damage to the machine, so as to shorten its service life. These three factors affect the operation and production delays. Machine fault will certainly affect the operator's mood and delivery term.
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