Automatic die cutting machine drum die-cutting machine bring convenience!

by:Dalilu     2020-10-02
Automatic die cutting machine is a kind of rely on pressure forming device for printed cardboard.
at present, die cutting machine is mainly rely on artificial feeding, material collection and waste removal. The workers work long hours, the intensity of labor is very big, especially in order to catch up with the goods and work overtime. At the same time, die-cutting machine speed faster, big power, if careless operation, easy to cause personal injury.
indentation machine in operation is usually in the process of removing dirt, rotating machinery and sheet-fed offset printing presses, frequently ink off leather or rubber roller and paper adhesion in plate graphical portion of the phenomenon, affect the quality of the product. At this point, the operator often use finger to remove dirt in the machine operation process.
automatic die-cutting machine feeding adopted by the robot, the design of the die cutting, waste removal and material collection, four station three axis, save manpower and storage space. Maximum speed of up to 1000 zhang/hour, high efficiency, low energy consumption and performance advantages, convenient automation, greatly reduces the investment and manual operation, truly eliminate inductrial injury, safe production, zero accident.
the weekly regular inspection of automatic die-cutting machine machine all the safety device and main motor brake mechanism, ensure the machine sensitive, reliable, maintenance in time when problems found. Operation should be paid attention to, don't suspend operation. Wipe dirty point, the palm of your hand must be placed between the plate cylinder and rubber roller shaft, or on the water roll protection safety cover. Should pay special attention to the palm of force greater than wipe dirty fingers point force.
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