Al models die cutting machine in the next few years become the mainstream of die cutting equipment market

by:Dalilu     2020-09-24
Al models die cutting machine may be in the next few years become the mainstream of die cutting equipment market al cutting mainly refers to the online die cutting and online circle pressure circle die cutting. Al cutting with sheet-fed die cutting machine is incomparable advantage. Union of the cutting is characterized by fast speed, high precision, can greatly improve the production efficiency, shorten the production cycle and reduce the production cost. Online die cut the top speed per hour can reach more than 20000 times, far higher than sheet-fed die cutting. Due to the use of die cutting plate and sheet-fed flat with the same die cutting, simple manufacturing process, low cost, the current extensive use in medium and long version of the packaging products postpress, market outlook is generally positive. Online circle pressure circle cut survey is mainly used in varieties of a single, large quantities of printed back on-line. Its main characteristic is to have printed drum cardboard for hot stamping, die, die cutting, stripping and a series of operations, to transfer to a one-time processed into final product. Online circle pressure circle die cutting to avoid the surface caused by multichannel postpress smearing, hot stamping location prohibit, high rejection rate, a series of quality problems. At the same time reducing the equipment investment and area, save a lot of operators, shorten the production cycle. Though online circle pressure has some online circular die cutting die cut do not have advantage, but due to the pressure round die cutting tool cost is high, the die cutting plate manufacturing complex, therefore in the domestic promotion and application is limited by a lot.
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